In 2008, an independent review of the anadromous fish related provisions of the CVPIA, recommended improving the science-based framework for decision making. The agencies jointly implementing the CVPIA; US Bureau of Reclamation and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, adopted Structured Decision Making (SDM) to address the recommendation.

SDM provides a formal, documented, and open source process to develop quantifiable and measurable objectives and determine the best decision alternatives to meet those objectives through the use of quantitative models. Decision models represent how actions would improve natural production for Chinook salmon (of all races), steelhead, and sturgeon.

The models represent an initial agency effort, and are subject to revision and refinement. Reclamation and the Service seek broad support and buy-in for resource decisions by facilitating stakeholder participation in the process of formulating models. The effort described here will support continuous improvement of SDM within, between, and outside of the stakeholder agencies, and ultimately achieve the CVPIA fish doubling goal.

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