Conference Call

February 14, 2018 Meeting Slides

Anadromous Fish Program (AFP) Restoration Strategy Slides


Levi Johnson, Chris Hammersmark, Julie Zimmerman, Matt Brown, Cesar Blanco, JD Wikert, Mark Tompkins, Sadie Gill, Mike Hendrick, Towns Burgess, Dan Kratville, Rod Wittler, Josh Israel, Adam Duarte

The SIT discussed the draft AFP restoration strategy. Rod, Cesar, and Matt agreed that is was well written. Matt was concerned about the call for charters timeline. Rod said that there would not be a formal call for charters for FY2019 and that the next formal call for charters is going to be for FY2020. They will update charters for ongoing projects, if need, though. Matt pointed out that if we kept to the usual schedule the call for charters for FY2020 would be released in winter/spring 2019 (February – March) and that does not seem to fit with the timeline in the document. Rod acknowledge that it is a tight schedule but that the goal is to flow from the AFP Restoration Strategy to the FY2020 Charters and that if we are behind we may need to rely on a draft restoration strategy document or the previous priorities. Adam mentioned that if we could meet that deadline that that would be preferable, but we also need to make sure everyone has enough time to review the 10 year candidate strategies, develop 5 year strategies, run those strategies through the model, etc. Matt also pointed out that is will take some time to set up the meetings with the watershed experts and that we may want to have those meetings before the summer to avoid trying to schedule meetings while folks are in the field or on vacation. He said that given the meetings will require the groups to agree on what a 10 year candidate strategy would be, it may take more than 1 meeting per group. At the in-person meeting next week the SIT will go through the list of watershed experts, make changes if needed, and group them by where they work to match the diversity groups.

SIT discussed the information that has been submitted for unit of effort. Matt will submit information they have before the meeting next week. Adam will reach out to Mike Berry to see if there is a way to crosswalk the amount of gravel placed in the stream to the area of useable fish habitat. Adam will also reach out to John Hannon to get revised cost estimates for work he was involved with. Levi is working with the Bay-Delta folks to get information related to projects in the delta.

SIT discussed the performance measures spreadsheet. Rod likes what he is seeing and would like the SIT to discuss and advance this document along at the next in-person meeting. He thinks we will eventually need to add metadata to this. The goal of this document is to tie it to what we would measure/monitor which feeds into the AFP Restoration Strategy.

Mark said that they have recently received some data/information they were waiting on so things are moving along on their end. Sadie said she would be able to give a demonstration of the R package she has been developing at the next in-person meeting to show everyone what it can do and how it can be useful to the SIT moving forward.

Marching Orders


  • Send out final document for the AFP Restoration Strategy.
  • Send out previous list of watershed experts.
  • Reach out to John Hannon and Mike Berry concerning unit of effort metrics.


  • Gather information on the different types of floodplains to help focus unit of effort discussions.


  • Gather information on the habitat restoration projects in his area to help focus unit of effort discussions


  • Send any edits on the performance measure to Rod, Cesar, Jim, and Adam.