Conference Call

March 7, 2018 Slides


Chris Hammersmark, Matt Brown, Cesar Blanco, JD Wikert, Mark Tompkins, Mike Hendrick, Dan Kratville, Shane Abeare, Mike Berry, Matt Johnson, Robyn Bilski, Mike Urkov, John Hannon, Jim Peterson, Adam Duarte

Cesar introduced the new Science Coordinator, Shane Abeare. Shane is working out of the USFWS Lodi office.

Adam reviewed the watershed expert list. The objective is to use this list to send out targeted emails to each watershed region to compile sets of strategies the watershed experts believe need to occur to conserve anadromous fish in their regions. This information will be brought back to the SIT so that the SIT can use this information when developing the AFP Restoration Strategy. Adam will send out this spreadsheet and asked for the SIT to provide feedback in two weeks.

Adam and Jim discussed the late-fall run Chinook DSM and compensation plan scenario proposals. Matt wants clarification on the compensation plan. What is the timeline on this scenario? Will it be expected to occur in perpetuity? He would like the proposal to include the limiting factors for late-fall run. He also said there is uncertainty associated with the historical range of late-fall run and that we would not want to introduce this run in areas it did not historically occur. Jim mentioned that this is information that we may be able to get during the regional watershed expert meetings. Cesar said he would like to see some mention that the SIT is not advocating the CVPIA do this scenario, but that it is a possible tool to consider. JD agreed.

Adam gave an update on the SIT R package and how the SIT can access that information

Update on next in-person meeting: Cesar will start to look for open rooms to have the next in-person meeting.

Marching orders:

  • Jim and Dick
    • Add the desired information to the proposals before sending them out to the SIT for review.
  • SIT
    • Submit filled out watershed expert sheets before the next call-in meeting in 2 weeks.
  • Cesar
    • Reserve a room for the next in-person SIT meeting.