Conference Call

March 21, 2018 Slides


Chris Hammersmark, Robyn Bilski, Ammon Danielson, Lisa Hunt, Mike Urkov, Shane Abeare, Jim Peterson, Adam Duarte

Review regional watershed expert list and discuss next steps

The group reviewed the regional watershed expert list. Chris pointed out that the contact information for Rocko Brown needs to be updated. He now works for Cramer Fish Sciences. Shane will us this list send out polls to check for the experts' availability. SIT will review a rough agenda that will be used for these regional watershed meetings.

Update on Chinook DSMs

The group reviewed the progress on the Chinook DSMs. Adam and Jim have been making slight changes to the DSMs to accommodate the new data inputs. Progress on fitting the Bayesian integrated model to the screw-trap data is on hold while DSM model calibrations are being completed.

Update on unit of effort

Shane and Adam have not received any additional feedback on information for the unit of effort. Please send any information you may have as we will be making a decision at the next in-person meeting so that we can start running scenarios.

New business

The Sturgeon group had a call earlier this week. They reviewed the objectives, scenarios, and score sheets. They discussed the scenarios and scores to ensure everyone understood what they were being asked to score. We asked for feedback in two weeks so that the group can propose priorties.

The next in-person meeting information is below:

April 4-5

Bureau of Reclamation's Bay-Delta office:

801 I Street, Suite 140 Sacramento, CA 95814-2536.

On April 4th, the meeting will be held in the 4th floor conference room.

On April 5th, in the 1st floor conference room.