Conference Call

August 8, 2018


Rod Wittler, Tanya Sheya, Corey Phillis, Lewis Bair, Mike Hendrick, Sarah Gallagher, Lisa Hunt, Mike Urkov, Felipe Carillo, Robyn Bilski, Josh Israel, Chris Hammersmark, J.D. Wikert, Mike Berry, John McMannis, Flora Cordoleani, Brett Harvey, Alicia Seesholtz, Shane Abeare, Jim Peterson, Adam Duarte

Adam and Jim gave an update on DSM efforts. Lots of things are on hold. Once contract issues are resolved, we will be able to move forward.

Lewis Bair of Reclamation District 108 gave a presentation on some of their efforts to manage water as part of the Sac River Exchange Contractors. We will discuss next SIT meeting.