Conference Call

November 28, 2018 Slides


JD Wikert, Mike Berry, Flora Cordoleani, Russ Perry, Mike Urkov, Robyn Bilski, Tanya Sheya, Heather Casillas, Bruce McCloughlin, John Kelly, Brett Harvey, Mike Beakes, Emanuel Rodriguez, Rene Henery, Cesar Blanco, Jim Peterson, Adam Duarte

Update from Flow West (Mike, Sadie, and Mark)

Two weeks till the calibration data for Chinook is available. Flow West has been updating the habitat estimates watershed by watershed. They are starting to pull visualizations together for this. For the website: They will have something solid to distribute in the next couple of weeks. Folks can check it out at –

They hope the website will make things more convenient and organized for folks. Russ said they have been updating their survival model for Feather River to Freeport to have a separate intercept and slopes. He can share that with Jim and Adam in the next week or so.

Update on FY2020 prioritization (Cesar and Heather)

Cesar said that we are moving forward with option 2A: making priorities based on the previous model runs with the hopes that we can get new model run completed. However, new model runs require these models be calibrated and those data are still being collated by Flow West. Jim emphasized that part of looking at the previous model runs is looking at what charters have been selected for funding and previous information that was provided by the PWTs. This will happen in the December in-person meeting, so we need as much participation as possible. Please send something to Cesar, Rod, Heather, Jim, and Adam if you cannot make it. We will be discussing this 3 times, the December and January meetings. Please remember that once decisions are made we will not be revisiting them. It appears that some of the meeting invitations have not been sent out. Adam will send out invitations to the meetings. Cesar noted that Matt Brown said that a lot of the PWTs might not be able to make a meeting in the short term. Matt suggested we might consider looking at the previous priorities. Heather suggested waiting changing our current approach till we hear if the PWTs can meet. Jim suggested that we try to get members of the PWTs at the upcoming SIT meetings. Dan Kratville is the PWT lead for winter run but he changed positions. Ryon Kurth is in charge of steelhead PWT. Flora is the contact for spring run PWT. Cesar plans to have a draft tech memo the first or second week of February. Jim suggested that if the PWTs cannot meet that we can add an addendum to the tech memo. Cesar said that if they cannot meet then we might just reissue the 2018 tech memo. Jim and Adam will pull together the materials from the previous prioritization. Cesar will pull together what was funded previously.

Update on outstanding SIT proposals (Cesar)

Cesar noted that some of the potential SIT proposals are more related to internal processes (e.g., hindcasting, CPAR). Cesar said that they would still like to get feedback from the SIT on those efforts. Rene volunteered to help more with the hindcasting effort, if possible.

Brett gave an update on the food for fish proposal. He said there is enough information out there to come up with a more complicated model to create boundaries for a simpler model. He, Rene, and Jacob have been discussing this in detail. He will be in contact with Jim and Adam on how to implement this within the Chinook DSM.

New Business

Bruce would like to talk to Mike, Jim, Adam, and Mark on flow in the DSMs.

Marching Orders:


  • Send new survival function to Jim and Adam


  • Reach out to the PWTs and see if they are able to meet and discuss priorities


  • Send out SIT meeting invitations
  • Coordinate a meeting with Mike, Jim, Bruce, and Mark on flow in the DSMs

Cesar, Adam, and Jim

  • Collate information to send to SIT before the December in-person meeting