Conference Call

June 5, 2019 Slides


Adam Duarte, Jim Peterson, Cesar Blanco, Corey Phyllis, Rod Wittler, Felipe Carillo, Mike Urkov, CJ Day, Priscilla Liang, Sadie Gill, Mark Tompkins, Bernard Aguilar, Erica Meyers, Brett Harvey, Trisha Bratcher, Michael Prowatzke, Tania Sheya, Mike Beakes, Chris Hammersmark

Status of interim Science Coordinator (Cesar/Rod)

Nationwide request out through Fish and Wildlife and USGS.Couple of nibbles and one person asked about details. 6/6/2019 is Shelly’s last day.Listing should be wrapped up soon and will be posted on US jobs.

Update on Science Coordinator hiring process (Cesar)

There has been some interest. Waiting to be posted on USAjobs.

Update on habitat decay proposal (Rod)

Rod presented a powerpoint available here. Market St. gravel at 2016 and 2019 are the basis for the model. Rod to present this method ASAP

Representing uncertainty with state transition matrices

Responding to Matt’s question about how these work. Then solicit feedback Create matrix of probability of growing from one size class to another. Matric multiple number of fish at each size class by the state transition matrix to obtain number of fist at each size class at the next time step.

Using other decision tools to identify priorities

Demonstration of water fix proposal of pulse in the South Delta Show potential method for optimize available flow for biological outcome

Review feedback from SIT on state-dependent strategies

Kevin defending today on findings of optimization in central valley. Overview of possible objectives to optimize for. Straw dog proposal from Jim and Adam was presented, prioritize watersheds close to the doubling goal and spatial diversity. Jim and Adam suggest a single metric for optimization.

New Business

Next meeting

In-person Meeting on Wednesday–Thursday, June 19–20 at C-1003, Cottage Way, Sacramento, CA