Conference Call

November 06, 2019 Slides

By phone:

Adam Duarte, Jim Peterson, Mike Beakes, Robin Blinksy, Mike Berry, Carl Dealy, Felipe Carillo, Mark Gard, Matt Brown, Cesar Blanco, Rod Wittler, Cathy Marcinkevage, Mike Urkov, Priscilla Liang, Mark Tompkins, John Plumb, Chris Hammersmark, Jason Hasserick, Towns Burgess, Page Vick, Susan Strachan, Tricia Bratcher, Michael Wright, Erica Meyer, Brett Harvey, John Kelly, Jim Early, JD Wikert

O.mykiss literature

Update on S3 Modeling (John Plumb)

  • See slides
  • Mark Gard has habitat mapping from 1995 (CDFW)
  • Has American River habitat information changed since 1995?
  • Nice to have old habitat template to get model running, can change it later
  • Don’t need habitat type in S3, can run model regardless of what type of habitat there is
  • Follow up with calibrating mixture model for American River this year

Review Timeline (Jim and Adam)

  • See slides
  • Comments on monitoring: Input requested from SIT by 11/15/2019 for model inputs and model parameters
  • Monitoring Guidelines
  • Both pre and post monitoring

Review Feedback for Monitoring Data Guidance (Jim and Adam)

  • Outstanding proposals
  • Rod to set up separate briefing to give anyone interested in hearing about new sediment transport model for mainstem sac, contact Rod to repeat presentation to be up to date for model. Model to give us firmer grasp of habitat decay rates we’re using in upper sac.
  • Brett Harvey: Conceptual and rudimentary model. Developed more sophistical model., basic approach: come up with a way to estimate the amount of area based off of maximum or sub maximum growth ration. Distribute proportionally to fish in the river. Did development with Corey Phyllis, Mike Beakes helped a lot with questioning. Brought model back to the conceptual model team (Renee Jacobs, Jacob Montgomery). They want alternative modeling approach. Agreed that he would continue with modeling team to pursue publication and also a SIT module based on that modeling effort.

Update on Outstanding Proposals

New business