Conference Call

January 15, 2020 Slides

By Phone:

Michael Prowatzke, Corey Phillis, Chris Hammersmark, Mike Beakes, Erica Meyers, Felipe Carillo, Susan Strachan, Page Vick, Jason Hassrick, Mike Memeo, Cathy Marcinkevage, Cesar Blanco, Kate Spear, Priscilla Liang, Bruce McLaughlin, JD Wikert, Denise Barnard, John Kelly, Brian Ellrott, Rod Wittler, Mandy Banet, Matt Brown, Lisa Hunt, Steve Thomas, Mark Tompkins, Emanuel Rodriguez, Brooke Watkins, Mike Urkov, Jim Peterson, Adam Duarte

Near Term Restoration Strategy

  • Comments to Cesar, Rod, and Mike
  • Alternative Google form or Spreadsheet
  • Is there way to put form on website?
  • Clear Creek noted for opportunity to increase production, also benefits for spring run
  • Butte Creek beneficial location for spring run, potential in survival
  • Feather River rearing habitat below confluence with the Yuba River, idea that there could be benefits to habitat connectivity in system–identified as a theme
  • Ongoing maintenance of spawning habitat was assumption as group was reviewing results. Emphasis for restoration maintained going forward.
  • Spawning habitat prioritized in Upper Sacramento River, American River, Stanislaus River, Clear Creek, and Butte creek
  • Results used for determining information needs, focused on Chinook and a lot of questions about potential research into juvenile survival, territory, growth
  • Chinook salmon monitoring should continue for habitat estimates, habitat change over time, and monitoring (rotary screw traps, trawl data)
  • See if ongoing projects can be adapted
  • Process for review and revision- dsm model updates (inputs, assumptions, calibrations), see at what point updates/revisions to prioritizations would be warranted
  • Several mentions in strategy about use of subgroups, some of which could be combined
  • Jim has proposed process for subgroups
  • Subgroups not for selection of charters for funding–what’s in charters that can be adapted to information needs of the SIT. Improving efficiency in charter step
  • People can volunteer to participate in subgroups
  • Appendices: a (in progress), b (90-95% completed) c(Jim has circulated this before)
  • The strategy and future tech memo originate from science coordinator, now entering process for review of strategy, and we will do best to incorporate suggested edits for coherent documents, in the event we can’t do that, people are welcome to write addenda
  • Request to make sure that everyone’s seen the restoration plan (list)
  • Susan: we have monitoring work group, is this okay to share yet? How to integrate this work group with the review of this document and providing comments? Internal SIT document, or public okay?
  • Mike: Can use resources to best review document
  • Close of comments 1/27/2020
  • Mike can clarify intent/language of Strategy
  • Comments can be changed and revised going forward
  • Update forms, word doc of Strategy, list of who received initial document
  • Subgroup membership is self selected, all SIT members welcome. Subgroup report to SIT and science coordinator
  • See: Proposed subgroup process

Model Archiving

  • USGS FSP required

2020 SIT Schedule

  • Calendar available to download on
  • See slides
  • Next in-person meeting 4/8/2020

New Business

Marching Orders:

  • Mike Urkov:
    Send out link to online strategy
    Share who the strategy was sent to

  • SIT:
    Comment on strategy by the 27th

  • FlowWest
    Develop the DSM inputs for Winter Run Battle Creek (after Strategy is finalized)

  • Mike Memeo
    Talk with Mike Berry about how to develop a SIT proposal to include side channel habitats in the DSMs

  • Mike Urkov, Jim Peterson, and Adam Duarte
    Draft something about how the subgroups will function as part of the SIT Guideline (after Strategy is finalized).