Conference Call

March 18, 2020 Slides

By phone:

Chris Hammersmark, Erin Gilligan, Rob Lusardi, D Barnard, Mike Berry, Tanya Sheya, Mike Urkov, Page Vick, Mike Beakes, W Vanderwaal, John Kelly, Emanuel Rodriguez, Erica Meyers, Matt Brown, Kate Spear, Susan Strachan, Priscilla Liang, Brian Ellrott, Lisa Hunt, Mike Wright, John Hannon, Cesar Blanco, Corey Phillis, Alicia Seesholtz, Rene Henery, Mark Tomplins, Mike Memeo, Jim Peterson, Adam Duarte

Update on Science Coordinator (Cesar)

  • Announcement closed 3/2/2020
  • Last week, HR sent over a list of qualified candidates that Radcliffe will be doing forming interview panel for
  • Office working remotely
  • Unsure when interviews will be conducted

2020 SIT Schedule (Adam and Jim)

  • Main point of this call is to get everybody on track for expectations for next meeting (was in-person, will be call-in instead)
  • April 8/April 9 meeting is a big one, need to do a lot of reporting out of progress made on different groups
  • Edits/changes to support models
  • July 8 followup to improvements
  • Hope is all proposals submitted and approved/not approved by August 1
  • Final model done done by in-person meeting
  • November 8 followup of draft tech memo
  • Tech memo is if edits need to be made to Near Term Restoration Strategy, we can do that
  • Trying to revise on SIT calendar more
  • Try to not swamp with email, go to to add calendar for meeting invites

Update on Near Term Restoration Strategy (Cesar, Heather, Rod, and Mike U.)

  • Obligation plan includes efforts of BDO/CVPIA
  • Last edits this week, two weeks to review final edits, can see how comments were incorporated into the document
  • Largely same as draft, if anyone wants to make comments/create addendum, have two weeks from final posting of strategy, addendum will be added
  • Posting will be emailed/posted on the website
  • Need to archive this version of model
  • Jim and Adam sent model for peer review from USGS so that code can be shared
  • Greg- were there common themes with comments? Would be nice for discussion around what was submitted, what was changed/not
  • Bulk of comments editorial. No comments resulted in changes of priorities/descriptions of processes we went through
  • Basic prioritization/approach to document work gone into Near Term Restoration Strategy is fundamentally same as draft as everyone saw
  • Greg- no conflicting comments we need to talk about here?
  • Mike- no, prioritization is key thing, description with how we are moving forward with data/monitoring guidance is fundamental piece of strategy
  • Mike- fall-run model complex and expansive, internally look at that, hopefully with cleanup, we can do tour of code for the SIT so everyone can have shared understanding of how things work
  • Once USGS reviews, code can be archived

Review subgroup tasks and membership (Mike U.)

  • Self-selecting
  • Want to get changes made by August 1 deadline
  • Contact points of studies
  • Corey- no more data collected between now and August
  • Food for fish group
  • IEP postponed
  • Tricia Bratcher- did cursory analysis of fish food using swamp data (SWAMP), some in Deer Creek. In hindsight, they don’t weigh bugs when collected. Did literature search, focused on small juvenile fish–does anyone want that analysis?
  • Yes, hundreds of swamp sites throughout California, they used specifically 12 sites they were monitoring, can share. Who to send it to?
  • Jim and Adam can share to everyone
  • Rene, fish food 2: For this other effort to create map of potential floodplain habitat across Sac, have started analyzing data. Initial approach: taking available habitat given where growth experiments occurred and creating relationship between that habitat and the habitat area that produced the fish food for full productivity cycle (3 weeks)
  • Growth rates on the floodplain are consistently higher than in rivers even when there is huge amount of subsidy. Other bioenergetic parameters that are creating constraints in river, not prey (reason to think about that as hypothesis)
  • Consistent with model
  • Habitat estimates and change group
  • FlowWest working on Strategy, archiving–can you have updates on what DSM looks like? Yes.
  • Matt- One of approved charters for work plan involves work for ephemeral tributaries
  • Rene- Create daily CALSIM? Finer level of resolution

Discuss expectations for April 2020 meeting (Adam and Jim)

  • Any topics anyone would like to see on the agenda for the April meeting?
  • Send Adam/Jim an email if anything comes up about agenda

New Business

  • No new business